March 09, 2006

Religion and Death

There is a vacine that can dramatically reduce the levels of cervix cancer. One injection in childhood and you get protection from this form of cancer for life. So who could possibly object to that? Well the religous of course.

You see cervix cancer is often prompted by a viral infection, Human Papillomavirus or HPV, that is transmitted sexually. The vacine works by providing an immunity against this. So it removes a disincentive for having sex, and sex is fun. So to devotes of the slave morality sex is bad. So by preventing something that makes sex less risky they think they do God's work, and so what if many women die as a result.

Christianity is not the only religion that considers death as a good way of getting its moral point across. Take Mohammed Arshad, 51, who served 6 months of a seven year sentence for hiring somebody to kill his daughters husband as the marriage violated the customs of his culture. He is currently on the run after skipping bail having been released pending an appeal.

Another example of the love of death often found in religion are the palestinian children manipulated into wanting martyrdom, and wanting it more than peace with full rights for the palestinian people. Which says alot about why that conflict is never going to go away. Strangely it is normally the young that become suicide bombers, and never the clerics. They just convince them to do it and send them on their missions.


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